Located in rural west Marin County, the Stinson Beach County Water District was formed in 1962. The district provides water and wastewater management services for the Stinson Beach community.

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Onsite Wastewater Management Program 2015 Annual Report

State Water Board Expands and Extends Emergency Water Conservation Regulation

2014 Public Employee Salaries

Ordinance No. 2014-04

Design Standards: Holding Tanks and Graywater Systems
Title 4 Chap. 4.23

Amended and Restated Water Rationing Ordinance

State Water Resources Control Board Drought Emergency Regulation

Master List Of Water Saving Ideas

List Of Contractors

Save Our Water: Welcome to Sprinklers 101
Information and online resources for water-efficient irrigation.

Stinson Beach County Water District Basic Financial Statements
For The Year Ended June 30, 2014

Memorandum On Internal Control And Required Communications
For The Year Ended June 30, 2014

Notice Re Weddings, Etc. Re Chemical Toilet Permits 7-2012

Temporary Restroom (Portable Chemical Toilet) Permit Application

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Stinson Beach County Water District
3785 Shoreline Highway
P. O. Box 245
Stinson Beach, CA 94970
Phone: (415) 868-1333
Fax: (415) 868-9417
E-mail: sbcwd@stinson-beach-cwd.dst.ca.us