President Jim Zell called a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Stinson Beach County Water District to order at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 16, 2005 at the District office located at 3785 Shoreline Highway at Stinson Beach, California.

Directors present:
Jim Zell, President
Scott Tye, Vice President
Elizabeth Sapanai, Director
Joe Veit, Director

Directors absent:
John Gilbert, Director

Treasurer Present:
Barbara Boucke

Staff present:
Richard Dinges, General Manager/Secretary to the Board
Raven Schauf, Recording Secretary


Ms. Barbara Scott, of 43 Arenal Avenue, voiced her concern regarding possible installation of power lines on Calle del Mar and the negative effect they would have on the health of the community. Director Veit responded that there was an oscillator that could be rented to read megahertz, and that generally the higher voltages were not something to worry about.
Ms. Marion Weber, of 7250 Panoramic Highway, stated that five years ago, 95% of the people of the community that responded to a flyer indicated that they did not want cell phone towers and asked that the information be documented.


Motion to revise the agenda, moving Item 4, Wireless Application, before Item 1, Title IV, made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Tye, revised by unanimous vote. Motion to move the General Manager's Report after Approval of Minutes, made by President Zell, seconded by Director Sapanai, revised by unanimous vote. Treasurer Boucke suggested that that in the future, with the Director's approval, the packet include a copy of the Manager's Report, as it may be easier to approve disbursements with clarification provided by the manager's report.


Approval of March 26, 2005 minutes was continued.


Approval of March, 2005 disbursements was continued.


Director Boucke stated her concern regarding the current Financial Statements and clarified that the numbers were down approximately $480,000. She stated that Director Veit had requested a quarterly analysis of cash flow, which was then presented. Treasurer Boucke added to the discussion that some of the shortfalls were estimated to be replenished (possibly $411,000) by June of 2005. Treasurer Boucke further stated that Mr. Dinges and she projected that the remaining $200,000 would be coming in as early as June or July 2005. She addressed the fact that the budget should be at 75% and yet overall expenses were well over 80%. She stated that the overage in water expense was due to the coastal permit issue, construction and legal expenses, and increases to workers compensation. She added that revenues were up in wastewater; but so were the expenses. Director Veit stated that he attributed the increase in engineering expense to be a large part of the off set.


  1. Review of Wireless Communication Request and Proposed Coastal Application for Property Located at 15 Calle del Mar, AP# 195-192-07, George and Joanne Hasler, Owners: Director Sapanai suggested that the Board recommend not to agree to test the Laurel tank site. She stated that the Legal committee (herself and Mr. Veit), discussed the Cingular proposal and concluded to decline testing the tank area. Director Sapanai suggested that Cingular look into test sites further away and more acceptable to the community. Mr. Dinges referred to the enclosed information from April 2nd showing sites at Highlands and Steep Ravine as possible test sites. He concluded that they would provide decent coverage and possibly overlap and reflect off already existing sites at Bolinas. Director Tye added that it was his feeling that no sites be considered/discussed except the Highlands site. He expressed his concern not for one, but for the multiple towers that would follow, creating collective congruent amounts of frequencies. He stated that more energy in one place in neighborhoods would be a problem; out of the area would be less of a problem. Director Veit asked if there were any Questions from the audience. Ms. Sandra Cross of Stinson Beach asked if there were extra copies of the request of the Nextel application proposal. Ms. Marian Weber if Stinson Beach voiced that the best selling book in her shop was The Hidden Message in Water. She asked that (1) the Board read the book, and (2) the water be tested for quality after it is exposed to an electromagnetic field. She then presented a copy of the book to the Board. Ms. Sandra Cross asked Mr. Dinges if the company had analyzed co-location in Bolinas or other alternatives such as a broad look outside of Stinson. She stated that Steve Kinsey was interested in doing a countywide analysis of appropriate sites and to possibly contact him and Cingular to begin the process. Director Sapanai commented to Mr. Hasler's permit and had environmental concerns regarding the fact that they proposed digging a trench along the bank of Easkoot Creek. She included that their environmental review was incorrect in saying they were categorically exempt because of 15301 Class 1B as it can only be applied in the case where sites were already in use and additions were made thereafter. She concluded that the wastewater committee would take the stand against digging along the creek and that the analysis of CEQA was incorrect. Director Veit then asked Mr. Dinges if it was possible to send a written letter regarding the position of the Stinson Beach County Water District. Ms. Sandra Cross interjected and asked that the letter include the fact that the pictures they took were deceptive in that there were no people or activity occurring in the area and that it looked unpopulated. She went on to say that federal regulations precluded them from discussing the effects on health and danger to humans, but not on environmental issues. She concluded that Nextel study these issues and asked if there were any other proposed sites being studied. Director Tye informed her that there have been four different proposals, all which were rejected. Ms. Mary Belle O'Brien asked Board members when Stinson Beach residents should begin demonstrations against these proposals; the Board declined comment. She shared that there would be a Stinson Beach Committee Meeting on April 21, 2005 at 7:15 at the Community Center to discuss the cell sites.
  2. Consideration of an Ordinance amending Ordinance 200-01 Pertaining to Title IV Revisions: The Board discussed the Title IV Amendments. Director Sapanai suggested that the Board remain consistent with what the County approved. She agreed with Director Veit's suggestion to remove drainage from the definition list. Director Tye disagreed that any provisions be made before it was put out for Public Review as it could preempt groups coming back with comments. Mr. Dinges asked if there was reference to blue line or an intermittent stream courses. Director Sapanai explained how the water district's definition of watercourses made no distinction although the county's definition did. She included that the new proposed documents would differentiate between the two. Mr. Dinges then asked how the individuals with existing wastewater systems would be effected if they couldn't meet setbacks with the new criteria. Director Sapanai states the need to be thorough with people seeking approval for a septic system before they approach the county with their house plans, as they may come back and litigate against the water district should the county not approve the plans. Director Tye stated that the Board follows the doctrine of the state of California and that battling State agencies that may or not be in agreement with the Board is beyond our scope. He concluded that the Board acts on the Regional Water Quality Control Board Requirements. Director Tye motions to adopt the revisions striking out drainage ways 4.032825 and adding note 4, seconded by Director Sapanai, revised by unanimous vote.
  3. Consideration of a Negative Declaration Regarding Revisions to Title IV Wastewater Code: Mr. Dinges presented flow charts showing information that would be posted and released in 30 days, after which comments would be made. A meeting would then follow in another 30 days, and a resolution would be adopted 30 days thereafter. Director Sapanai suggested that some wording be corrected and made clearer. Motion to approve the negative declaration as presented, made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Tye, approved by unanimous vote.


  1. Review of Fiscal 2005-2006 Draft Budget: Mr. Dinges explained the matters of water revenue that needed to be discussed: (1) rates and fees, and (2) changes made to the expenditures regarding officer's and employees changed from a 5% reduction to a 3% reduction. With these adjustments the numbers went from $1,299,000 to $1,327,000. Mr. Dinges stated the deficit was estimated at $28,270 with a 15% increase to the Base water and wastewater fees. Director Veit posed the question of creating a zero based budget. Mr. Dinges stated that after the May rate increase there would indeed be a zero deficit. Director Sapanai asked Mr. Dinges if the rate increase would generate more revenue if it were to increase the usage rates instead of just the base rate. Mr. Dinges responded that the two (Base fees and water rates) were about even. Director Sapanai began discussion regarding Board members attending meetings and their requests for reimbursement. She stated that the process be more open to the Board's approval and that meetings be reviewed prior to payment. Director Tye discussed that by attending meetings he is able to bring back an abundance of information to the Board that would cost a lot of money otherwise. Mr. Dinges then stated that capital expenses were not being taken out of the operational budget and that he would like to move toward having projects done in house. Director Sapanai stated that she would like information regarding this matter and Mr. Dinges responded that he would generate a report and distribute it at the next Board Meeting.
  2. Review of District Issues for Future Discussion: Mr. Dinges discussed the budget and included a review of capital improvements. He stated that Alder Grove well was 95% complete and short of a dispute with the vendor on motor replacement, would be finished soon. He stated that there would be a district water rights meeting in May 2005. He mentioned creek monitoring and that Stetson Engineers relinquished responsibility to the District. He stated that the off creek reservoir was a concern but not a priority at this time. Mr. Dinges stated that Title IV was in revision and Title 2 should be reviewed. Director Tye stated that the disaster plan needed to be revised and Mr. Dinges concurred. Mr. Dinges stated that the water treatment plan replacement at Laurel was still in process and would hopefully be presented to the Board in May or June of 2005. He stated that the order would typically take six to twelve months after the Board submitted which type of plan they chose to use. He stated that the telemetry in water had been implemented in several locations throughout the district and the same telemetry would be implemented in wastewater. He stated concern with E&M and that he had not been satisfied with their progress nor their treatment of the matter. He stated that he specified that there would be no more payments or any use of their panels until they put together a plan. Mr. Dinges then stated that they were willing to share in engineering costs to help get the matter revised. He stated that they saw benefit in the fact that no one else was doing this but Orenco Incorporated, and their systems were individually processed in Oregon and set to a web site. The water district's proposal would be processed through a central computer on site, which would allow the operator to be notified when problems occurred. Mr. Dinges stated that once these systems were in place it would be the only system of its kind and would be viewed as a model as it would be the first in the nation to have central telemetry. Mr. Dinges stated that according to Mr. Bisson, (water supervisor), the Pipeline at Sea Drift excavation would commence in 2-3 wks. Mr. Dinges stated that there were plans for Panoramic Hwy but no deposits for construction as of yet. Mr. Dinges stated that both the Highland's water tank and the Laurel tank need to be refurbished, reinforced and painted. He explained that the state would allow the tank to be partially drained and coated on the inside. The tank could then be refilled and used within 24 hours after being tested. Mr. Dinges explained how this would omit having to sandblast the whole tank and would allow the process to be done in increments. Mr. Dinges suggested that the tank at Black rock be lined instead of being replaced at this time. Mr. Dinges began discussion in regard to the Black Rock road improvements. Director Sapanai reminded the Board about installation of a mirror at the Black Rock road corner to help avoid accidents and the proposal to share the expense with all road users. Mr. Dinges stated that no response had been made from the county regarding the letter submitted requesting signs that read 'Driveways Ahead - Slow.' Mr. Dinges discussed the GGNRA issues concerning the barn replacement used for storage. He presented the idea of buying a storage unit/container and putting it next to the barn as a great deal of equipment stood to be damaged if the barn collapsed. Mr. Dinges then discussed the Acquisition Exchange and how the Board should continue to try and come up with an agreement, as housing in Stinson Beach is cost prohibitive for District employees. He included that 'the ball needed to keep rolling' and he would be willing to do some in-house work to expedite the process since it may take years to process. Mr. Tye responded that it would take several years to process. Mr. Dinges continued that steps should be taken in the meantime so action could be taken when the acquisition was processed. He then stated that the water shed off creek water storage had the same issue as the off creek reservoir. He articulated how there may be Proposition 50 grant money available and that there was sufficient water storage at this time. He continued that once the well was on line and the treatment plant was completed, we could observe how it operated for the next few years to meet the water demand. He stated that if there were a need to go onto open reservoir storage thereafter, we would pursue that issue at that time. Mr. Dinges stated that he had not heard back from the GGNRA regarding the Park Restroom Waste Water alternatives and their five proposed systems. Mr. Dinges stated that the septic and holding tank in their proposal was 10,000 gallons and completely unacceptable. He stated that the Web Creek Pipeline replacement was something that was feasible to do as well as the tree removal. He included that one estimate for tree removal was $7,000 and given that there was an abundance of projects at this time, additional estimates would be requested. Mr. Dinges discussed Access Road and the maintenance for a web dam. He stated that he talked to the park about working with them where the Dipsea Run course is directed up from the creek to the highway where the pipe was exposed. He continued that Mt. Tamalpais State Park would assist the District in putting rock in place this summer. Ms. Barbara Scott, of 43 Arenal Avenue, introduced the article she read in The Wall Street Journal documenting the value of water and how the District could utilize this in marketing the rate increase proposals. She stated that we should expand and capitalize on the high standard of water that is provided by District. Director Tye suggested that the Board Members prioritize the list of District issues as some of them can be put off. Mr. Dinges suggested in return that members go over the list, prioritize the issues and he would work on the revisions.


Director Tye stated that there should be a 2005 list of committees to clarify what Board members are assigned to which committees. Mr. Veit stated how it would behoove the District to have two people on each Committee and Ms. Boucke offered her services to a committee as needed. Mr. Tye reported that West Nile week would be recognized the following week. He stated that the Water Wise Fair would take place next Saturday at Marin Municipal. He stated that there was a Marin County Planning Meeting on Thursday that he and Mr. Dinges attended regarding the Bulkhead at Seadrift where he represented The Village Association and Surf Rider and Mr. Dinges represented the District. They discussed The Seawall Plan and Construction at Seadrift. Director Tye then described how the trucks used to carry out the project, will impact the roads and draft down the lagoon to 1/3 the level that it is now. Director Tye stated that motor craft will be brought in and that the wall will be lifted up on a barge and motored down. He then explained how important it was that the trucks don't encroach on the property as they could impact the existing water line and it's valves. He stated that the trucks were 10,000 lbs and when they were parked on valves, they could break them. Mr. Dinges suggests that the District be contacted before the work begins so letters can be submitted to address these issues and pre-planning be taken into account. He also suggested that the District keep track of these letters/comments made so they can be referenced if problems/discrepancies arise. Director Zell then outlined employee issues, and responses to the Board's offer, and stated that the employees seemed very receptive to the response. He stated that Toby Bisson (spokesperson for the employees), seemed appreciative although they have not accepted the terms as of yet. He stated that hopefully the response would be quick so that the budget can then be set. Director Zell then stated that Board Members needed to recognize and respect the work time of the staff and manager. He requested that the Directors please honor the integrity of the office by limiting their time on the office premises and by formally making appointments with Mr. Dinges to meet with him. Additionally, Director Zell requested that if a Board Member needed to utilize staff's time, that a request be submitted to the General Manager.


Mr. Dinges discusses hiring a temporary employee while Ms. Raven Schauf would be out for seven weeks. Mr. Dinges discussed Mr. Troy Pearce, his recommendations, and his resignation. Mr. Dinges stated that he received a schedule from Shakespeare at Stinson regarding the placement and removal of portable toilets and how there would be an inspection upon setting and removal. Mr. Dinges and Board Members discussed concerns for Raven's absence and Mr. Dinges concluded that it might provide an opportunity to bring about a better office procedure. Mr. Dinges then asked that he receive a copy of his recent review in writing for further discussion of possible contract changes. Director Tye then asked if there was an approximate date for the Alder Grove Well dedication. The next Workshop Meeting date was scheduled on May 4, 2005.


Motion to adjourn made by Director Veit, seconded by Director Tye, meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m. by unanimous vote.

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