President Jim Zell called a Regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Stinson Beach County Water District to order at 9:35 a.m. on Saturday, September 24, 2005, at the District Office located at 3785 Shoreline Highway in Stinson Beach, California.

Directors present:
Jim Zell, President
Scott Tye, Vice President
Elizabeth Sapanai, Director

Directors absent:
John Gilbert, Director
Joe Veit, Director

Treasurer Present:
Barbara Boucke

Staff present:
Richard Dinges, General Manager/Secretary to the Board
Raven Schauf, Recording Secretary


Ms. Carol Pefley, of Caldwell Banker Realty, representative for Ms. Honey Metcalf of 23 Calle del Sierra, read into the record a statement on behalf of Ms. Metcalf summarizing the history of the wastewater system failure, outlining District actions and requesting written response to itemized concerns.
Ms. Elizabeth Sapanai, as a member of the public, stated that there are sewer leak and spill problems occurring in Sanitary District Number One, and that it would cost 3.4 million dollars to replace two miles of sewer lines, pointing out that sewers are not necessarily more cost effective than onsite systems. Ms. Sapanai further stated that traffic continues to be a problem at the intersection of Black Rock Road and Panoramic Highway and that the safety mirror still needs to be installed. Mr. Dinges responded that a correspondence file regarding this traffic issue confirmed that there had been little or no response from the County.


Mr. Dinges stated that he attended a Communications Workshop, that the dedication of Alder Grove Well would occur in October, that proposals for the replacement of Black Rock Tanks had been received and that Mr. Bisson and Mr. Melendy had recently passed their distribution certification exams. Mr. Dinges further stated that the Engineering and Finance Committees would need to meet and make a decision regarding whether or not the District would move ahead on replacement of the Treatment Plant. Mr. Dinges updated the Board regarding the status of the Parkside system, current inspection parameters, panel display issues, monitoring well issues, and possible penalty enforcement for illegal second units.


Motion to adopt the agenda as presented made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Zell, adopted by unanimous vote.


Motion to approve the July 6, 2005 minutes made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Tye, approved by unanimous vote.
Motion to approve the August 3, 2005 minutes made by Director Tye, seconded by Director Sapanai, approved by unanimous vote.
Motion to approve the August 20, 2005 minutes made by Director Tye, seconded by Director Sapanai, approved by unanimous vote.


Motion to approve the August, 2005 disbursements made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Zell, approved by unanimous vote.
Motion to approve the submitted Board Member Compensation Requests made by Director Veit, seconded by Director Tye, approved by unanimous vote.


  1. Adoption of Resolution GB-2005-16, Approving a Contract Agreement with Todd Engineers in the Amount of $10,000. for Services to Seek Grant Funding for a Hydrological Survey: The Board asked that the Grant Committee closely review the contract and project. Treasurer Boucke advised that the $10,000. would be considered an operating expense. Motion to adopt Resolution GB-2005-16, Approving a Contract, made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Tye, adopted by unanimous vote.
  2. Review of Contract Agreement with Michiko Murguia for Professional Wastewater Engineering Services: Mr. Dinges advised the Board that the draft contract was still pending review by Ms. Murguia's counsel, that ACWA/JPIA would not cover Ms. Murguia for Errors and Omissions Insurance, and requested that she be paid on an hourly basis until the contract is signed. Director Sapanai stated that the contract does not address the issue of prohibiting outside work within the District while she is hired for the District or for a defined period immediately after leaving the District and requested that a clause addressing this issue be included. This item was continued.
  3. Adoption of Resolution GB-2005-17, Amending the Mileage Reimbursement Rate: Director Sapanai stated that the District has no choice but to follow current Policy defining mileage reimbursement as the current IRS rate. Director Sapanai further stated that in the near future, the Board may consider reviewing and amending the Policy standards and whether or not the policy should be based on the IRS rate. Treasurer Boucke suggested that the Financial Committee review and establish guidelines determining what types of mileage expenditures are appropriate for reimbursement. Motion to adopt Resolution GB-2005-17, Amending the Mileage Rate, made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Tye, adopted by unanimous vote.


  1. Denial of Request to Reduce or Eliminate Temporary Toilet Permit Fee for Property Located at 15 Calle del Mar, George and Joanne Hasler, Owners, Shakespeare at Stinson, Jeffrey Trotter, Agent: Mr. Dinges summarized the Manager's Report stating that Mr. Hasler had been billed for the temporary toilet permit fees located at Shakespeare at Stinson, similar to all other customers with temporary toilets located on their properties in Stinson Beach. Director Sapanai stated that Mr. Trotter is aware of the procedure, that the District was negligent in allowing 5 weeks to elapse between the inspection and notification of the permit, but that ample time had been allowed for Mr. Trotter to comply. Director Tye stated that in February of 2005 the Board had suggested to Mr. Trotter that he and Mr. Hasler submit septic system plans to bring the system to code, and that to date that has not happened. Director Tye further stated that he would have considered waiving the permit fee if there were any evidence that the applicant intended to mitigate the septic system problem. Ms. Barbara Scott, representative of Shakespeare at Stinson, stated that there would be additional use at the SAS location during the last two weeks of October and that approximately $350.00 additional pumping/rental fees would be incurred by SAS. The Board stated that any use of the wastewater system, other than that allowed by Resolution, must be approved by the District and that the County had not notified the District of this additional use. Mr. Dinges advised that a fax had been received at 9:00 a.m. on September 24th requesting that the item be continued. The Board denied the request to continue the item and advised that the SAS season would be over in two weeks. Motion to deny request to waive permit fee made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Tye, denied by unanimous vote.
  2. Review of the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan: Mr. Dinges summarized the Capital Improvement Plan stating that the next two years were the heaviest in capital expenditure and that the figures declined in the fourth year. The Board discussed tank refurbishment work, pipeline replacement, the hydrology study, upgrading the distribution system, drainage at Black Rock, purchase of a new truck in 2005, and deletion of $10,000 hydrology study expense from the plan. Mr. Dinges stated that he would refine the plan for further review.


Director Zell, of the Personnel Committee, reminded the Board that the Sexual Harassment Workshop would be held on September 28, 2005 at the District office.
Treasurer Boucke, stated that the finances of the District were currently on track as far as projected budget figures, cash flow, apportionment tax revenue, and the most recent rate increase. Ms. Boucke stated that the Finance Committee will review the first quarter figures after September 30th and will be drafting a Spending Policy. Ms. Boucke reviewed the suggested parameters for use of the District credit card requiring all expenditures over $25.00 to be authorized by the Finance Committee. The Board directed the Finance Committee to draft a Spending Policy.
Director Sapanai, of the Legal Committee, stated that she would be working with Director Zell and the Finance Committee on drafting revisions to Title II.
Director Tye, of the Emergency Operations Committee, stated that the Marin Emergency Operations Council would be performing a full scale dirty bomb exercise and that Marin currently has a respirator shortage. Mr. Dinges stated that the Bolinas Fire Department is relocating their fuel storage unit and that he had offered to contribute District funds for relocation expenses. The Board agreed by consensus that funds may be contributed.
The Board directed the Finance Committee, the Engineering Committee, and the Legal and Personnel Committees to meet in October. The Board scheduled the October Workshop meeting on October 12, 2005 and the October Regular Meeting on October 29, 2005.


Motion to adjourn made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Tye, meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m. by unanimous vote.

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