President Scott Tye called a Regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Stinson Beach County Water District to order at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, January 21, 2006, at the District Office located at 3785 Shoreline Highway in Stinson Beach, California.

Directors present:
Scott Tye, President
Elizabeth Sapanai, Vice President
Joe Veit, Director
Jim Zell, Director

Directors absent:
John Gilbert, Director

Treasurer present:
Barbara Boucke

Staff present:
Richard Dinges, General Manager/Secretary to the Board
Raven Schauf, Recording Secretary


Mr. Don Anderson, owner of Calle del Pinos lot 195-164-22, stated that he has contacted the County requesting that they clear the creek, and asked the Board if there were any plans for a step septic system in Stinson Beach similar to the one that is being considered in Marshall. Director Sapanai stated that the District has been discussing this issue with the GGNRA for the last eight years and to date the GGNRA has not been willing to approve a step system to be located on their property.
Ms. Eilleen Johnston, of 90 Buena Vista, requested consideration in reducing design review and waiver application fees for her proposed septic system application as the cost was a financial hardship for her. Director Sapanai suggested that a formal request be submitted to the General Manager to waive the fees.


Mr. Dinges stated that the District experienced about $100,000 in storm damage including loss of the Stinson Gulch suspension bridge and pipeline, loss of various culverts, loss of three creek monitoring stations, and mudslide damage. Mr. Dinges stated that the Krieger & Stewart contract for replacement of the Treatment Plant would be considered at the February Workshop and that the District had taken possession of two new 2006 trucks. Mr. Dinges stated that Todd Engineers would have an application for Prop 50 funds for Well and Hydrology Study funding ready for submittal on January 31, 2006 and that Todd Engineers would be requesting that the Board consider an additional contract and funding to continue the project.


Motion to adopt the agenda as presented made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Veit, agenda adopted by unanimous vote.


Motion to approve the December 17, 2005 minutes made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Veit, approved by unanimous vote.


Director Veit requested that the January 11, 2006 IMPAC credit card disbursement be reviewed at the February meeting. Motion to approve the December, 2005 disbursements and Board Compensation Request made by Director Veit, seconded by Director Sapanai, approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurer Boucke, reported on the current cash flow, cash availability, December Financial Statements, and budget targets. Treasurer Boucke stated that the District was currently in a good financial position.


  1. Consideration of Appeal Application for Property Located at 10 Francisco Patio, AP# 195-104-07, Nick Lawrence, Owner: Mr. Dinges summarized the Manager's Report recommending that the appeal be denied. Director Sapanai questioned how the 270 gallon tank could provide treatment, and why the inspector had not notified the General Manager of the situation many years ago. Director Sapanai suggested that either the tank be replaced to meet Code or require the appellant to install a monitoring well as an interim measure. Mr. Dinges stated that at this point there is no way to determine where the effluent is going. Director Veit stated that the leach lines could be easily located on such a small property.
    Mr. Lawrence stated that the leachfield is in fact located, that it is ninety feet of perforated plastic pipe encased in gravel, located between the parking area and the septic tank. Mr. Lawrence stated that the property has been in his family for over 50 years, that the Discharge Permit was contingent on the maintenance and continued proper operation of the system, and summarized the history of the system inspections, failure, and repairs. Mr. Lawrence stated that the District had allowed other leaking tanks to be repaired and that he had repaired the tank according to District directives which stated that a leaking tank could be repaired with a maintenance permit. Mr. Lawrence further stated that the system meets District maintenance and operational requirements, that he would replace the tank if directed to do so, and that installing a new engineered system would be a financial hardship.
    Director Sapanai stated that tank installation would be an interim solution and that the problem is that the current tank can not work. Director Sapanai further stated that District staff should contact the Regional Water Quality Board to discuss the possibility of replacing the tank without bringing the rest of the system up to Code. Mr. Dinges responded that he had contacted Regional and that Mr. Blaire Allen considered the system situation a "grease-trap" and unacceptable.
    Mr. Dinges suggested that the appellant consider installing a 1,500 gallon tank and utilize it as a holding tank.
    Mr. Dinges further stated that the property is in a high groundwater area and would require an engineered system to meet Code requirements and ensure proper disinfection.
    President Tye stated that the current system is not engineered and has never been certified, and that continued use of the system would be considered egregious.
    Director Zell stated that the Board has historically objected to holding tanks as a solution because it requires the exporting of wastewater. Director Zell asked if there was any way to ensure that when the appropriate technology became available, that the system would be upgraded. Mr. Dinges responded that it could be enforced through Code and Resolution.
    President Tye suggested that the appellant could consider having an engineer verify the location of the leachfield and its ability to accept hydraulic loading, but that there would most likely be a negative conclusion. Director Sapanai recommended that the appellant meet with District staff to further discuss a holding tank solution and other possible solutions. The Board agreed by consensus to direct staff to meet with the appellant.
  2. Granting of Water Use Reduction Request for Property Located at 37 Dipsea Road, AP# 195-090-41, Saverio Marrocco, Owner: Mr. Dinges summarized the Manger's Report recommending that a 50% reduction be granted conditioned on installation of an auxiliary Meter display unit. Director Zell stated that he would support the General Manager's recommendation conditioned on a letter to the owner stating that they must shut off their water supply when they are out of town. Director Veit stated that the leak represented 5% of the District's storage capacity and that this leak occurred in a critical water conservation period in August and September. Director Sapanai stated that she was interested in solving the problem, and that installation of an MDU should be required. President Tye suggested that all owners should be notified in a newsletter that they are responsible for the proper operation of their plumbing and irrigation. Motion to grant a 50% reduction, contingent on installation of a remote meter display unit, made by Director Sapanai, seconded by Director Veit, granted by unanimous vote.
  3. Granting of Water Use Reduction Request for Property Located at 184 Calle del Arroyo, AP# 195-09-053, Seadrift Association, Owner, Dick Kamieniecki, agent: Mr. Dinges summarized the Manager's Report recommending that a 50% reduction be granted with the stipulation that the faulty lines be replaced and that the MDU unit be read and recorded periodically. Director Sapanai stated that this water loss had not been confirmed as a leak and questioned why the MDU had not been read. Director Veit stated that the water loss was in a crucial water conservation period. President Tye stated that a precedent had been set with the Village Greens in requiring daily logs of water use. Mr. Kamieniecki stated that the general location of the leak had been identified under the paving, that there was no pooling of water and that it was apparent that all of the 1950's piping would have to be replaced. Mr. Kamieniecki further stated that the MDU had been installed by District staff as a part of the District's pilot program but that it had never been read by Seadrift Association staff. The Board suggested that the Seadrift Association monitor the MDU in order to avoid another water loss. Motion to grant a 50% reduction, contingent on locating and repairing the faulty pipelines made by Director Veit, seconded by Director Zell, granted by unanimous vote.
  4. Consideration of a Request to Review the Use of Composting Toilets: Mr. Dinges summarized the General Manger's Report, addressing a request from Ms. Barbara Scott to review the use of composting toilets within the District. Mr. Dinges recommended that composting toilets not be used within the District and that other alternatives be considered. The Board discussed monitoring requirements, California Regional Water Quality Control Board requirements, prohibitive expense, failures and successes, and health related issues. Ms. Barbara Scott of 43 Arenal, stated that a composting toilet was currently being effectively used at Slide Ranch, that they are water conserving, that septic waste is reduce by 90%, and that they are approved by the National Septic Foundation. President Tye suggested that the option of a composting toilet or an electric toilet may be further reviewed and that conceptual proposals could be considered by the Board and Regional in the future.
  5. Consideration of a Capital Improvement Plan Adjustment to Add Purchase of a 2006 Ford Ranger: Mr. Dinges summarized the Manager's Report, recommending that the Capital Improvement Plan be adjusted. Mr. Dinges stated that the new 2006 replacement vehicle had already been purchased, that the 1998 Ford Ranger 4x4 was the vehicle being replaced, that the 1998 Ranger had experienced transmission problems, that the transmission repairs would total $3,500, that the wholesale value of the truck was $4,800., and that Ford had estimated the trade-in value at $500. Director Sapanai advised that the vehicle must be declared surplus, and must be presented for public bid for a minimum bid of $500. Mr. Dinges clarified that three District vehicles will be presented for public bid in June, 2006. The Board approved the Capital Improvement Plan adjustment by consensus.
  6. Review of Request to Install a Weather Monitoring Station on District Property: Mr. Dinges summarized the Manager's Report. Director Sapanai stated that the District would incur legal costs regarding this project, that NBC11 had not proposed to make any monetary compensation to the District, and that the District already has its own weather station. President Tye stated that this was a commercial enterprise, and that the District would not benefit from the collected data. The Board denied the request by consensus.


Director Sapanai, of the Legal Committee, requested feedback on the Title II revisions.
Director Zell of the Personnel Committee, requested employee expense data from the Financial Committee, further information from a PERS representative, and evaluations from the Board members.
Director Tye, stated that he was currently working with Raven on a District newsletter to go out in the Spring.
The Board set the February Workshop meeting on February 8, 2006 at 5:00 and the February Regular Meeting on February 25, 2006.
The Board directed all Committees to meet in February.


Motion to adjourn made by Director Veit, seconded by Director Zell, meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m. by unanimous vote.

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