Director Sapanai called a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Stinson Beach County Water District to order on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 9:35a.m., at the District Office located at 3785 Shoreline Highway in Stinson Beach, California.

Directors present:
Elizabeth Sapanai, President
Jim Zell, Vice President
Lawrence Baskin, Director
Scott Tye, Director

Staff present:
Rich Souza, Wastewater Engineer
Toby Bisson, Interim Secretary
Christine Casper, Recording Secretary


Director Sapanai stated that during "Public Expression," audience members are invited to speak on matters that are not on the agenda; due to the long and difficult agenda, speakers will be limited to two minutes each.

Jamie Sutton presented an update on the Elwood property located on 3715 Shoreline Highway. Mr. Sutton stated that his family initially paid $250 for an opinion to construct four cottages on the property; subsequently, it was purchased as two separately owned parcels, "Onda" and "Resaca". An email from the Planning Department (sent to Director Tye and Rich Souza) confirms the two separate lots of record.

Mr. Sutton said that it has been a difficult piece of property to develop; Elwood's is above a creek, has imported gravel for the parking lot, and has a septic system that dumps sewage directly into the groundwater. A complete design for the Onda piece of property and an intermediate, but binding, design for the Resaca parcel have been submitted. They have also submitted a water/septic plan, a plan to remove Elwood's, a creek restoration plan, and a drainage plan. The Department of Fish and Game has issued a permit to remove Elwood's off the creek (beginning June 15). Mr. Sutton related that the Creek Restoration Division of the Department of Public Works has reviewed the building designs, the drainage plan, the septic plan and the creek restoration program and have responded positively.

Mr. Sutton reported that he has done an analysis of the Calles, and that the average lot size (of all 93 properties) is 4300 square feet. Director Sapanai replied that the analysis is not relevant, and informed Mr. Sutton that his presentation had exceeded five minutes. Mr. Sutton promised to conclude his presentation.

Mr. Sutton said that the building planned for the Onda property is smaller than Elwood's, meets setbacks, and has a septic system that will improve the effluent entering the groundwater by twenty-five times. Mr. Sutton stated that he met with Rich Souza this past week to review the issues raised by the (Wastewater) committee, and that the Onda application has already been submitted and will be brought back to the District within the next couple of weeks; the Resaca property will come forward shortly thereafter. Mr. Sutton concluded that he hopes (the District) will determine, as has the Environmental Action Committee of Marin, that what he has planned is expensive, valuable, and reasonable.


The Agenda was adopted as presented.


Motion to approve minutes for Wednesday, January 3rd made by Director Tye, seconded by Director Zell and approved by unanimous vote with one correction: on page 2, line 29 "Director Boucke reported that District counsel, Ray McDevitt, has advised the board in the past that the District must have a bonus policy" should be changed to "(the District) must have a policy in place if bonuses are to be given."

Motion to approve minutes for Saturday, January 20th made by Director Tye, seconded by Director Baskin and approved by unanimous vote with the following changes: page 1, line 34 "Clint Graves" should be changed to "Kenny Stevens," and on page 3, line 17 "Mr. Graves" should be changed to "Arno Penzias."

Motion to approve minutes for Saturday, September 23rd made by Director Tye, seconded by Director Zell and approved by unanimous vote with the following changes: page 2, line 47 "Kline" should be changed to "Cline" and "Schauf" should be changed to "Scott."


Motion to approve January 11th, January 24th and January 25th check runs made by Director Zell, seconded by Director Baskin and approved by unanimous vote.

Motion to approve the following board member compensation requests made by Director Tye, seconded by Director Zell and approved by unanimous vote: Barbara Boucke, January 22 Personnel Committee meeting; Jim Zell, January 22 Personnel Committee meeting; and Jim Zell, February 12 Water Operations Committee meeting.


  1. Consideration/Adoption of a Draft Resolution Granting a Waiver for Property Located at 22 Calle del Pradero Account #1050, First Stinson, LLC c/o Andrew South: Rich Souza gave an overview: the property had a single gravity septic field with a leaking tank that failed inspection in January, 2006. The applicant has submitted plans through AYS Engineering Group that include a drip dispersal field, an Advantex pretreatment system and UV disinfection. The property owner has shown that a standard field could fit for a maximum flow of 150 gallons per day; since a standard system can fit, an alternative system can also fit. There is a proposed increase of conditioned living space; the owner will be demolishing the garage and constructing a new one. All construction plans appear to meet setbacks. Mr. Souza concluded that the waiver application is complete and meets code.

    Director Tye noted that Mr. Souza's recommendations (in his Memo to the Board) include "quarterly monitoring of septic system by district staff for one year," and asked if the District has changed monitoring of new alternative systems from two years to one year. Mr. Souza responded that the ten Advantax systems in the District have telemetry controls with alarms that allow District staff to remotely monitor the systems and that email the District's inspector if there is a problem with the system; in the event of multiple emails for a system, the District will ask the owner to take out a maintenance permit to fix the problem. Mr. Souza stated that the resolution also indicates as a requirement the submittal of a maintenance agreement contract with an approved service provider; because these are advanced systems, the District wants to ensure that there is someone on call to fix the system on a timely basis. Director Sapanai stated that when the final resolution is done, it needs to indicate the time limitations for monitoring (quarterly for the first year, and thereafter to be determined).

    Motion to approve the waiver made by Director Baskin, seconded by Director Zell and approved by unanimous vote.
  2. Consideration/Adoption of a Draft Resolution Granting a Variance for Property Located at 320 Seadrift Road Account #6980, Philip & Jillspeth Lesh, Owners: Rich Souza gave an overview of the property, the applicant and the engineer met with the Wastewater Committee to discuss their proposal. A standard sandfilter system can work on the property, but using an Advantex system (with a smaller footprint), and moving it from the ocean side to the Seadrift side, meets the 100 foot setback to the water body (ocean) and fifty foot setback to the tanks. There is a proposed increase in square footage and a variance due to the use of the Advantex system and its location in the driveway. The Regional Water Quality Control Board approved the variance. The design includes a 1500 foot septic tank, a 1200 gallon recirculating tank, an 810 gallon sump tank, an Advantex Pretreatment device and dual leachfields. The system will also require telemetry remote monitoring and quarterly monitoring for the first year, submittal of a maintenance contract agreement with a qualified service provider, and installation of low-flow toilets.

    Director Baskin stated that the resolution should include as a condition of approval that the system requires traffic rated tanks. Director Baskin added that, as a standard practice, all the conditions of approval should be specified in the resolutions.

    Director Sapanai asked for notification of neighbors to be included in all board packets.

    Director Baskin moved approval of the variance, seconded by Director Zell and approved by unanimous vote.
  3. Consideration/Adoption of a Draft Resolution Granting a Waiver for Property Located at 6500 Panoramic Account #3910, Douglas Schmidt & Stephen Martin, Owners: Rich Souza gave an overview of the property, this property currently has a single gravity field and a 150 gallons per day maximum septic tank. Applicant is proposing an increase in conditioned space by constructing an attached unit. The designer has done percolation testing and soil profiles throughout the property and has shown that a standard sandfilter system can fit as can an alternative system; therefore, they have applied for the increase of conditioned space as a waiver. They are proposing a fast system 1500 gallon septic tank with an aerobic pretreatment unit, a 810 gallon sump tank, and a 100% drip dispersal field designed for 450 gallons per day. The District would require installation of a telemetry control panel (when it becomes available for this system), quarterly monitoring for the first year, and the use of low-flow toilets and plumbing fixtures.

    Director Sapanai stated that she cannot take part in the discussion/vote because her property is within 500 feet of 6500 Panoramic. Motion to approve the waiver made by Director Baskin, seconded by Director Tye and approved by unanimous vote.


  1. Consideration of Request to Reverse Fees for Property Located at 220 Calle Del Mar Account #4760: Toby Bisson stated that staff recommendation is to deny the appeal because the owner had ample notice to pay the bill (close to a month ) before water shut-off, and because his billing history shows a pattern of delinquent payments. Toby Bisson continued that the District makes concessions when property owners relate financial hardships, but the District has never received any such communications from the owner. Toby Bisson confirmed that the owner is requesting a total of $90.00, $25.00 for the door hanger fee and $65.00 for the reconnection fee. Director Sapanai confirmed the chronology of correspondence: the owner maintains that he put the check in the District's mailbox on October 12th; the District sent notification that payment was not received on October 17th; the District sent another correspondence stating that payment was not received on October 24th; the District posted a 24-hour notice on October 31st.

    Motion to deny the request made by Director Zell, seconded by Director Tye and approved by unanimous vote.
  2. Consideration/Adoption of a Draft Resolution Granting a Water Use Charge Reduction for Property Located at 3325 Shoreline Highway, Account #4130, Barbara Chevalier Trust, Owner: Toby Bisson stated that staff responded to a very high meter read; usually there is no use on the property because they are on their own water supply. Director Zell asked if Toby had any information regarding the location of the leak; Toby responded negatively. Director Sapanai asked the property's caretaker, Michael Guilkey, to address the location of the leaking pipe and the repairs. Mr. Guilkey declared that the leaking pipe was a three-quarter inch galvanized pipe on the southeast part of the property in a forested area of the garden. Once the leak was discovered, he had a shut-off valve cut off that section of pipe, then that line was abandoned. Director Tye clarified that the leak was discovered because District office staff called after a high meter read.

    Director Zell stated that the leak seems to fall outside of the reduction guidelines since it occurred on a secondary supply line. Director Zell related some of the Board's primary considerations in granting water use charge reductions: time of year, amount of loss, and location of leak. Toby Bisson related that the amount of water loss was equal to twenty-five percent of the District's water supply (260,000 gallons); Director Zell reiterated that the loss was during the most critical time of the year. Director Sapanai suggested the installation of a digital water meater (MDU).

    Director Baskin read from the District's water reduction policy ordinance that "in the event of water loss resulting from circumstances within the owner's control, including but not limited to, failure of sprinkler/irrigation systems...there shall be no reduction." Director Tye stated that the owner had an obligation to pressure test the system prior to switching over to the District's water supply. Director Zell stated that he believes the leak falls outside the policy for considering a reduction, and made a motion to deny the request as presented, seconded by Director Tye. Director Sapanai stated that what needs to be decided in this case is whether the leak was within the ower's control or not. If the leak was not within their control, the bill can be reduced up to 10,000 cubic feet (as a secondary line); if the leak was within their control, then district regulations call for no reduction.

    All directors except for Director Baskin voted to deny the request. Director Baskin suggested that the Water Operations Committee review the water reduction policy. Toby Bisson recommended that in the future when switching over from well water to the District's water supply, the owner makes sure the leak indicator on the water meter is static.
  3. Consideration/Adoption of Contract Extension between the District and Raven Schauf: Toby Bisson reported that Raven has been coming into the District Office about a day a week, and currently has only about eight hours left on her second contract. Toby related the suggestion from staff that if Raven's contract is extended, that she report to work for several consecutive days to catch up to where Janice is with the financials and to train Christine; Raven is currently working on November, 2006 financials while Janice is almost in March. Christine voiced concern over the fact that Raven still has not trained her yet. Toby Bisson suggested that the Finance Committee call a meeting, including Raven and Janice, to discuss financial goals and Raven's contract extension. Christine mentioned that financial statements for second quarter (October through December) are usually reviewed in February; Raven is still working on November. The board decided to have Toby ask Raven to put in her block of time the week of March 5th, and to confirm with Barbara a Financial Committee meeting for March 6th or 7th.

    Director Tye made a motion to delegate to Toby and the Finance Committee continued oversight of the work needed by Raven Schauf, and to authorize additional hours as necessary. Motion seconded by Director Baskin and approved by unanimous vote.
  4. Consideration/Adoption of Contract with Stetson Engineers, Inc. for Creek/Stream Flow Monitoring: Toby Bisson reported that this is a contract for the District's continued creek flow monitoring for a six-month period; pending changes in management, Toby may return to the field and go back to doing the downloads. This contract would catch-up 2005 and 2006 data so that the District has that data stored in an accessible format, as well as and complete and download a full six months (March through August) of monitoring for 2007. Motion to approve made by Director Baskin, seconded by Director Tye and approved by unanimous vote.
  5. Review of Policy Regarding the Sale of Mailing List Labels: Toby Bisson related that, currently, the District differentiates between private companies/individuals and non-profits regarding the sale of mailing list labels; the District charges one hundred dollars for private businesses/individuals and twenty-five dollars for non-profits. Toby Bisson related his discomfort in selling the labels to a contractor who requested Seadrift addresses for solicitation purposes. Director Sapanai stated that she does not have a philosophical problem with selling the labels if the District allows for people to opt-out. The Board discussed updating the fee structure and methods of notifying residents about opting-out. Director Sapanai stated that, as a member of the Legal Committee, she would like to run proposals for a mailing list label policy and fee structure by the District's counsel, Ray McDevitt. The Board decided to defer this topic to the Legal Committee/Ray McDevitt, who will report back to the board.
  6. Appointment of Temporary Secretary to the Board: Motion to appoint Toby Bisson as Secretary to the Board made by Director Zell, Seconded by Director Baskin and approved by unanimous vote.
  7. Consideration/Adoption of Scope of Work Outline from Stetson Engineering for New Water Treatment Plant: Toby Bisson stated that the District should proceed with the outline of proposed tasks as presented by Allan Richards; Toby also stated that yesterday he received an itemized proposal from Mr. Richards for phase one of the outline (Pre-design phase) for just under forty thousand dollars. Director Baskin made a motion to approve phase one of the proposal, seconded by Director Tye and approved by unanimous vote. Water Operations Committee to ask Allan Richards to submit a contract for phase one.


  1. Review of the General Manager Position: The Board met in closed session pursuant to Government Code section 54957. Board entered closed session at 10:56a.m. and returned to open session at 11:08a.m. The board discussed candidates for the general manager position and authorized Director Sapanai to contact Ed Schmidt and finalize a request to him to work for the district.




The next regular meeting was set the next workshop meeting for Wednesday, March 14 and the next regular board meeting for Saturday, March 24. Motion to adjourn made by Director Baskin, seconded by Director Tye and approved by unanimous vote.

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