President Lawrence A. Baskin called the Regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Stinson Beach County Water District to order on Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 9:30 a.m., at the Stinson Beach County Water District office, located at 3785 Shoreline Highway, Stinson Beach, CA 94970.

Directors present:
Lawrence Baskin, President
Scott Tye, Vice President
Barbara Boucke, Director
Elizabeth Sapanai, Director

Directors absent:
Jim Zell, Director

General Manager present:
Ed Schmidt

Staff present:
Helma Schwendig - Administrative Assistant




The agenda was unanimously adopted as set.


  1. Discussion and possible direction to staff regarding a District-wide election on November 2, 2010 to seek approval from the voters to increase the District's Property Tax Appropriations Limit.
    The Directors unanimously approved draft Resolution No. G.B.-2010-00 [subsequently numbered G.B.-2010-08], a resolution calling an election for the purpose of submitting to the qualified electors of the District the question of establishing the District's Appropriations Limit under Article XIIB of the California Constitution, fixing the date of said election, requesting the consolidation of said election, and requesting the services of the County Clerk. The Directors also approved the Argument in Favor of the Measure to be shown on the November ballot. Director Sapanai suggested bolding the second sentence of the Argument: "The measure Will Not Increase Your Taxes."
  2. Discussion and possible direction to staff re: "Changes of Draft LCP Policies: Community Development, Housing, Design and Visual Resources, Commercial and Visitor Serving Uses, and Public Facilities and Services Carryover Policies."
    The Marin County Planning Commission is updating Unit I and Unit II of the County's Local Coastal Plan (LCP). The draft policies will be discussed at the Planning Commission Workshop on July 29, 2010. The Stinson Beach County Water District is located within the jurisdiction of Unit I. Director Sapanai noted that on page 14, the Stinson Beach County Water Board should be changed to the "Stinson Beach County Water District."
  3. Discussion and possible direction to staff re: Stinson Beach County Water District Resolution No. G.B. 2010-00, Adopting an Amended Conflict of Interest Code.
    Director Sapanai moved to approve draft Resolution G.B. 2010-00 [subsequently numbered G.B.-2010-09], which states that the Board of Directors has undertaken its biennial review of the District's Conflict of Interest Code and confirms that no amendments to this Code are currently required. Director Boucke seconded the motion, and the resolution was passed unanimously.

    The General Manager passed along some comments from Julie Sherman of Hanson Bridgett concerning the current Conflict of Interest Code. Within the next two years, the Board should decide if it wants to fill the vacant Treasurer position as well as add Consultant to the designated list of positions. She also suggested deleting the reference to disclosure categories for members of the Board [1, 2, 3], as these are already set by State law. President Baskin suggested that Rozlyn Marnell, a member of the audience, may be interested in the Treasurer position at a later date.
  4. Discussion of Marin County Title 22 (Development Code) Amendments - revisions to Chapter 22.27 "Native Tree Protection."
    The proposed ordinance expands to protect woody vegetation within 35 feet of water courses in the San Geronimo Valley. Other areas will probably be affected in a year or two.


Director Sapanai moved to approve the Board of Directors minutes of June 19, 2010. Director Boucke seconded the motion. The minutes were approved except by Vice President Tye, who was absent at the June 19 meeting.

Vice President Tye requested that the wording of the Wastewater Committee Meeting Minutes of April 19, 2010, on page 4, line 13, be changed to read: "...porta potties may be a temporary solution to the pollution problem."

The Directors expressed their concerns about recording official minutes of future Wastewater Committee Meetings. While formal minutes are helpful, no final decisions are made at these meetings, and the Board wants to be able to have a free exchange of information on the various projects. Therefore, it was decided that only notes would be taken at future meetings and e-mailed to committee members.


The General Manager will investigate Director Sapanai's query regarding the $740 payment to Good & Clean Co. for May 2010 office cleaning. Did this payment include cobwebs and the quarterly deep cleaning? The $798 paid to Clancy's Home & Yard Care also needs clarification. President Baskin appointed Director Sapanai and Rozlyn Marnell, as an ad hoc committee, to work with the General Manager and meet with Mike Clancy to revitalize the plantings around the District office. A xeriscape landscaping design was suggested as well as putting identifying tags on the new plantings to assist members of the public who wish to create drought tolerant gardens. The disbursements for June 10 and June 29, 2010 were approved by unanimous vote.


The General Manager discussed his monthly report. The cost proposal from groSolar is not accurate in that the PG&E rate shown in the model is too high, and the District is not eligible for the Federal tax credit. Thus, the cash flow in the quote is misleading. The Water Operations Committee has requested groSolar to prepare a revised report. Director Tye noted that a solar system on the District office roof could turn into a source of income generation for the District when the excess energy produced is sold back to PG&E

The General Manager has not yet received a response to his letter dated July 12, 2010 to the Robinsons regarding their fence encroachment upon the District's water meter. A copy of the letter has been sent to the Seadrift Association.

President Baskin doubted that an approval would be obtained from the County Fire Marshal for Mr. Bill Falik to reduce the size of his water meter from 1" diameter to 3/4" diameter. Mr. Falik has a sprinkler system.

In accordance with a recorded 1982 Maintenance Agreement, the District will pay its 25% portion of the culvert repair work being done on the private road used by the District to access its Black Rock Water Tanks. The District's share is estimated to be $2,500.

The National Park Service has requested that alternative cell tower sites with a lower height as well as sites with co-location potential be considered. Therefore, Aaron Salars of On Air LLC/Verizon will bring a design review team to the District's Highland Tanks in order to answer question No. 6 on the e-mail dated June 8, 2010 from the Park Service.




The Board did not comment regarding the e-mail dated June 28, 2010, from Karl Drexel, Administrator, Tomales Village Community Services District, addressed to Supervisor Steve Kinsey and others, attaching a copy of "What's So Special About Special Districts? A Citizen's Guide to Special Districts in California (Third Edition)."


The motion to adjourn the meeting was approved by unanimous vote. The Board expressed sincere condolences to General Manager Schmidt in the passing of his wife's uncle. The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

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