Discharge Permit Non-expiring permit issued to property in the name of the property owner, allowing the discharge of effluent.
Discharge Limit Volumetric limit to amount of effluent allowed to be discharged by the septic system permitted.
Distribution Laterals Plastic pipes installed at the top of the sand and gravel bed in a sand filter. Wastewater is distributed through 1/8" to 3/16" orifices in these laterals to the mixed media bed.
Diversion Valve Valve installed between the septic tank and leachfields, so that property owner can switch fields to allow a resting cycle for one field while the other field is dosed.
Failure A wastewater disposal system which is discharging in violation of the District's Wastewater Code or a wastewater disposal system whose components do not meet the specifications of the Code.
Gravel Filter A specially designed bed of gravel that can pre-treat commercial wastewater prior to disposal in a leachfield.
Gravity System A leachfield that relies on gravity flow of effluent.
Inlet Tee A sanitary tee or baffle installed at the inlet to the septic tank to facilitate quiescent inlet conditions.
Leachfield Area (typically a trench) filled with gravel for the disposal of septic tank effluent. The wastewater is typically delivered by perforated pipe to the disposal area.
Outlet Tee A sanitary tee or baffle for retaining scum in a septic tank.
Repair Order Notice alerting property owner of system maintenance required. Discharge Permit is conditioned on compliance with repair order.
Retention Time Length of time sewage effluent is retained in the septic tank.
Sand Filter A specially designed bed of sand and gravel that pre-treats septic tank effluent prior to disposal in a leachfield.
Septic Tank Water tight container for the retention of sewage prior to disposal. The tank is typically sized to contained three days of sewage effluent.
Tightline A non-perforated pipe between a septic tank and leachfield.

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