Stinson Beach
County Water District



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3.03.100  General
3.03.210  Applicant
3.03.211  Board
3.03.212  Connection
3.03.213  Cost
3.03.214  County
3.03.215  Customer
3.03.216  Customer Service Valve
3.03.217  Cross-connection
3.03.218  District
3.03.219  Developer
3.03.220  General Manager
3.03.221  Governing Body
3.03.222  Inspector
3.03.223  Main or Watermain
3.03.224  Owner
3.03.225  Permit
3.03.226  Person
3.03.227  Premises
3.03.228  Private Fire Service
3.03.229  Regular Water Service
3.03.230  Residential
3.03.231  Secretary
3.03.232  Temporary Water Service
3.03.290  Unimproved Land

3.03.100  General:
For the purpose of these regulations, certain terms, phrases, words and their derivatives shall be construed as specified in this chapter. Words used in the singular include the plural, and the plural, the singular. Words used in the masculine gender include the feminine, and the feminine, the masculine.

3.03.210  Applicant:
A person applying to the District for service.

3.03.211  Board:
The Board of Directors of the Stinson Beach County Water District.

3.03.212  Connection:
The pipeline and appurtenant facilities such as the curb stop, meter and meter box, used to extend water service from the main to the premises including the laying thereof and the tapping of the main.

3.03.213  Cost:
The cost of labor, materials, transportation, supervision, engineering and overhead expenses incurred by District in providing service.

3.03.214  County:
The County of Marin, California, as applicable.

3.03.215  Customer:
Any person supplied with water service by the District, also referred to as "Consumer".

3.03.216  Customer Service Valve:
A valve independent of the District's facilities located in the customer's piping as close to the meter as practicable, the operation of which will control the entire water supply from the meter.

3.03.217  Cross-connection:
Any physical connection between the piping system from the District service and that of any other water supply that is not, or cannot be, approved as safe and potable for human consumption, whereby water from the unapproved source may be forced or drawn into the District's water distribution mains.

3.03.218  District:
The Stinson Beach County Water District.

3.03.219  Developer:
Any person who constructs or develops any property which may require water service from the District.

3.03.220  General Manager:
The General Manager of the District.

3.03.221  Governing Body:
The Board of Directors of the District.

3.03.222  Inspector:
The person who performs the work of inspecting water facilities under the jurisdiction or control of the District.

3.03.223  Main or Water Main:
A water pipe in a street, highway, or easement used for public and private fire protection and for general distribution of water.

3.03.224  Owner:
The person owning fee title to property for her/himself, or as executor, administrator, guardian or trustee.

3.03.225  Permit:
Any written authorization required pursuant to this or any other regulation of the District.

3.03.226  Person:
Any person, individual, firm, company partnership, association, private, public or municipal corporation, the United States of America, the State of California, a district and any political subdivision or any governmental agency.

3.03.227  Premises:
Real property to which water service is provided or for which the applicant has requested service.

3.03.228  Private Fire Protection Service:
Water service and facilities for building sprinkler systems, hydrants, hose reels and other facilities installed on private property for fire protection and the water available therefor.

3.03.229  Regular Water Service:
Water service and facilities rendered for normal domestic, commercial and industrial purposes on a permanent basis, and the water available therefor.

3.03.230  Residential:
Any single family unit, any duplex or triple family unit not requiring licensing for occupancy and operation.

3.03.231  Secretary:
The Secretary to the District Board.

3.03.232  Temporary Water Service:
Water services and facilities rendered for construction work and other uses of limited duration, and the water available therefor.

3.03.290  Unimproved Land:
Land on which no improvements exist or land which, although improved to a degree, is being further improved, such and said further improvement being is the cause for augmented water service and requiring one or more land use approvals.