Stinson Beach
County Water District



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3.07.010  NEW SERVICE
3.07.011  Application for Service & Processing
3.07.012  Conditions Precedent to Service
3.07.013  Location of Service Connection
3.07.014  Land Use Approval Established
3.07.110  Relocation
3.07.120  Enlargement
3.07.210  General
3.07.220  Exception
3.07.230  Subdivision of Ownership
3.07.240  Connection Prior to December 1, 1974
3.07.310  Installation and Payment
3.07.320  Service through Fire Hydrants
3.07.410  Water Interruption
3.07.420  Non-liability of District
3.07.610  Low Pressure Service
3.07.611  Meter Location
3.07.612  Pump
3.07.613  Storage Tank Requirements
3.07.614  Evidence of Compliance
3.07.620  High Pressure Service
3.07.621  Pressure Regulating Device
3.07.622  Installation
3.07.623  Written Consent
3.07.710  Application
3.07.720  Failure to Apply

3.07.010  NEW SERVICE

3.07.011  Application for Service and Processing.

  1. Application for service must be made to the District in writing on the District's form, by the property owner or his/her authorized agent. Applications must be supported by data as required by the District, such as a map and/or legal description of the property to be served, a description or plan showing intended water fixtures, a plan showing lawn and garden areas, and an estimate of amount of water to be used. The size of the meter and service connection will be determined by the District.
  2. Applications requiring only fire service or requiring a service having a meter size equal to or less than one inch in diameter will be processed in the order of the date the application is received, provided all requirements of the District are met. All other applications will be processed in the order of the date the application is deemed complete provided the applicant meets all District requirements within 30 days of the initial application. If District requirements are not met within 30 days, the application shall be null and void and must be resubmitted to the District. The General Manager may extend the 30 day period if the District administrative staff is unable to process the application within that time frame.
  3. Receiving an application shall in no way represent a commitment or agreement by the District to serve water. Said commitment will be made only at the time service actually commences, or when the District executes a service Extension Agreement, whichever occurs first. In the case of a service extension agreement, the commitment of the District to supply water shall be limited to the number of connections to be installed pursuant thereto and in accordance with the terms thereof.

3.07.012  Conditions Preceding Water Service.
Metered water service will be provided subject to:

  1. The existence of a water main of adequate capacity and pressure abutting the property to be served, or the construction of adequate mains, pumps and storage facilities under the provisions of these regulations.
  2. Advance payment of the District's connection charge for service as provided in these regulations or as subsequently amended or adopted by the Board.
  3. Approval of a wastewater disposal system for the property to be served, said approval to be as follows:
    1. approval may be granted for a temporary service to property on which no structures exist until such time as the District has determined that a wastewater discharge permit is required for said property pursuant to District regulations; provided, however, that termination of temporary service will not alter the owner's right to a water service.
    2. approval shall be granted for a service to property on which development exists or for which development is proposed following review of the wastewater disposal system design and determination by the District that the wastewater system as installed meets the standards and regulations currently in effect.
    3. no approval for a water service shall be granted to property as described in subparagraph (b) above which requires a waiver or variance or other administrative exception to the wastewater disposal system design standards and regulations until a variance is authorized by the District pursuant to District regulations. Said system must be installed consistent with the variance.
    4. All services which have been granted prior to the effective date of these regulations for properties which do not currently have wastewater discharge permits shall be considered temporary services pursuant to (a) above.
  4. Applicant must comply with the other applicable provisions of these regulations.

3.07.013  Location of Service Connection.
Water service will be provided at a meter abutting a major frontage of the consumer's property at a point determined by the District. The consumer may indicate the point on his property where he desires service, but the final location shall be determined by the District.

3.07.014  Land Use Approval Established.
An application for service to unimproved land shall not be deemed complete by the District unless the applicant presents to the District a document from the County entity having jurisdiction verifying that (a) a valid Building Permit has been issued; or (b) Preliminary Division of Land has been approved; or (c)Tentative Subdivision Map has been approved; or (d) Planned Unit Development Precise Plan has been approved.


3.07.110  Relocation.
The District will relocate its facilities when requested to do so by the consumer provided such relocation is acceptable to the District and upon payment to the District of the following charges:

  1. Relocation of service of less than ten feet not requiring a new connection to the main or removal or replacement of concrete or asphalt paving, a fee in the amount of 150.00;
  2. Relocation of service lines exceeding ten feet in length or requiring a new connection to the main shall be made upon advance payment of the District's estimate of the cost thereof. If the actual cost of relocation exceeds or is less than the amount prepaid the difference will be paid or refunded upon completion of the work;
  3. Relocation of meter box requiring a new connection to the main shall be made upon advance payment of the District's estimate of the cost thereof. If the actual cost of relocation exceeds or is less than the amount prepaid the difference will be paid or refunded on completion of the work;

3.07.120  Enlargement.
Enlargement of meter and service connection will be made by the District as follows:

  1. The consumer or his authorized agent files application in accordance with Regulation 3.07.011-1; and
  2. The District shall estimate a cost for the installation of the new meter change. The customer shall pay to the District the estimated cost prior to the scheduling of the actual work. In the event the actual cost is higher than estimated , the owner shall pay the difference prior to the meter being turned on. If the estimated cost is lower than the actual cost, the difference shall be refunded to the applicant.


3.07.210  General.
Except as otherwise expressly authorized by these regulations, a single service connection shall serve no more than one separate dwelling unit or one separate commercial, agricultural or industrial enterprise on a single parcel or lot.

3.07.220  Exception.
If separate service connections present substantial mechanical problems as conclusively determined by the District, service through a single connection shall be furnished. Exceptions shall be limited to the following situations:

  1. a duplex, apartment building or residential structure in undivided ownership;
  2. a commercial or industrial building in undivided ownership;
  3. a building or group of buildings owned or exclusively occupied by a public entity or entities; and
  4. a condominium served under a contract between the District and a responsible owners' association as defined in Section 11003.1 of the Business and Professions Code.

3.07.225  Fire Service.
Refer to Chapter 3.21.100

3.07.230  Subdivision of Ownership.
If the ownership of a structure receiving service through a single service connection pursuant to subsections 3.07.220 paragraph 1 or 2 of this regulation is subdivided, new service connections shall be installed, and the fees and charges therefor shall be paid, to the extent necessary to provide a separate service connection to each separately owned unit or parcel, unless service is furnished under subsection 3.07.220 paragraph 4.

3.07.240  Connection Prior to December 1, 1974.
The preceding subsections of this regulation shall not apply to dwellings which have been continuously served through a single service connection installed prior to Dec. 1, 1974. The minimum and quantity rates for each dwelling unit so served shall be computed as though each unit were served with a meter of the size installed on the single service connection and as though the quantity delivered to each unit were the quantity of the water measured by the installed meter divided by the number of dwelling units connected thereto.


3.07.310  Installation and Payment.
Service which the District determines will be for less than one year and will not require installation of a permanent connection shall be provided upon payment of the total estimated cost of installing the connection and such reasonable deposit for service as may be required by the District.

3.07.320  Service through Fire Hydrants.
Temporary service for construction or other approved purposes may be provided through hydrant meters upon written application to the District and the payment of fees as provided by District rate schedules.


3.07.410  Water Shut Off.
District reserves the right to shut off water at any and all times for the purpose of making repairs, extensions or alterations of its water system. Whenever possible, advance notice of interruption of service will be given to all consumers affected. Consumers depending upon a continuous supply of water should provide themselves with emergency storage.

3.07.420  Non-liability of District.
The District will not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience due to interruption or discontinuance of water service when such interruption or discontinuance is caused by an Act of God, an unavoidable accident, a disturbance or condition of any kind that is beyond the control of the District, or when interruption is reasonably necessary for the repair, alteration or extension of any of the District's facilities.

By applying for or receiving water service from the District each consumer irrevocably licenses the District and its authorized employees and agents to enter upon the consumer's property at reasonable times for the purpose of reading, inspecting, testing, checking, repairing or replacing the District's meters and other facilities.


3.07.610  Low Pressure Service.
The District will not normally provide water service to any parcel of land unless the bottom elevation of the reservoir to serve said land is at least 100 feet above the highest elevation to receive water service on said land. Exceptions to the foregoing, which are designated as 'Low Pressure Service" will be made only as set forth in this regulation.

Low pressure services will be furnished only upon compliance with all of the following conditions:

  1. The applicant applies for low pressure service and enters into a recordable agreement running with the land to be served agreeing to accept service at such low pressure as the District is able to provide; releasing the District from any liability from low pressure water service and from all responsibility to provide water service at normal pressures, and agreeing to maintain in good condition and repair without cost to the District, any necessary pumping and storage facilities required by conditions 4 and 5 below.
  2. The District determines that it is feasible to serve the applicant's land from existing District facilities in the immediate vicinity thereof. In determining such feasibility the District shall take into consideration the amount and elevation of water storage connected to said existing District facilities and whether a sufficient quantity can be furnished to said land.
  3. The District determines that installation of a standard gravity-type distribution system to provide water to said land under adequate pressure is not presently feasible and will not be feasible within a reasonable period of time.
  4. The District determines what special pumping and storage facilities, if any, are reasonably necessary to provide water service to said land from the District's existing facilities.
  5. Prior to the commencement of water service by the District to said land, the applicant installs the special pumping and storage facilities determined to be necessary pursuant to condition 4. Said facilities shall be installed without cost to the District on the applicant's side of the water meter and to the satisfaction of the District. Said facilities shall be the property of the applicant and its successors in interest in said land who shall maintain the same in good condition and repair.

3.07.611  Meter Location.
Meter location must be at an elevation which the District has determined will result in a supply of water at all times under normal operating conditions. The house service line shall be at least 1 inch in diameter.

3.07.612  Pump.
Design and manner of installing the customer's pump and related piping must not result in the creation of a negative suction pressure in the customer's system or in the District's system. Pump shall:

  1. be of a centrifugal type;
  2. have a capacity of not less than 12 g.p.m.; and
  3. be capable of maintaining 20 psi at the highest point of use at the maximum use rate.

3.07.613  Storage Tank Requirements.
Storage tank shall have:

  1. no less than 110 gallons nominal capacity;
  2. a working pressure equal to the shutoff pressure of the pump;
  3. an automatic air charging system; and
  4. a pressure relief valve set to release pressures in excess of safe design limits with a release capacity equal to the customer's maximum pumping rate.

3.07.614  Evidence of Compliance.
Applicants for service must present written evidence from a licensed plumber, registered engineer, or recognized pump manufacturer that applicant's entire water system substantially complies with above performance standards.


3.07.621  Pressure Regulating Device.
There are some areas of permanent or temporary high pressure within the District's system. In these areas where pressures at the meter exceed 75 pounds per square inch, it is the responsibility of the consumer at his/her expense to provide, operate and maintain a pressure regulating device.

3.07.622  Installation.
If the District substantially increases pressure at any consumer's meter above 80 pounds per square inch for improvement of the general water system, or to provide service at higher elevations, the District may cause to be installed without expense to the District a pressure regulator for each consumer whose pressure has been increased. Upon installation, the consumer shall be responsible for its operation and maintenance.

3.07.623  Written Consent.
Each new consumer connecting to an area of high pressure service shall, if notified by the District about the pressure, be required to acknowledge in writing his/her awareness of the high pressure service.


3.07.710  Application.
Each applicant for service shall advise the District of the date service is to begin, the post office address to which the water bill shall be mailed, the exact location of the property to be served and provide such credit information as the District may require. An applicant may be required to make written application for service on a form provided by the District.

3.07.720  Failure to Apply.
Anyone using water without having made application to the District for water service shall be held liable for the service from the date of any previous meter reading that most nearly coincides with the actual date the service was first used by such consumer.