Stinson Beach
County Water District



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3.11.100  General (Reserved)
3.11.110  Installation and Maintenance
3.11.120  Connection to Meters
3.11.125  Customer Shut Off Valve
3.11.130  Pressure Devices
3.11.140  Ground Wire Attachments Liability
3.11.150  District's Non-Responsibility
3.11.200  USE OF WATER
3.11.210  Responsibility of Control
3.11.220  Place of Use
3.11.230  Resale of Water Prohibited
3.11.240  Change of Use


3.11.110  Installation and Maintenance.
The consumer shall, at his risk, furnish, install, maintain, repair and retain ownership and control over the pipes and water receiving equipment leading from the outlet of the District's water meter, provided, however, that if the consumer's pipes or equipment cause damage, nuisance or inconvenience to the District or its other consumers, the District shall have the right to compel the owner or user of such pipes or equipment to adjust, repair or replace the same or to discontinue use of water from the District.

3.11.120  Connection to Meter.
The consumer shall be responsible for connecting his pipeline to the District's meter. However, except for private fire protection services, the District will make the necessary connection if the consumer's pipeline is properly placed before the meter is installed.

3.11.125  Customer Shut Off Valve.
The customer shall be responsible for the installation of water shut off valve. The shut off valve shall be located to the rear of the meter out side the meter box. The valve type shall be a gate valve rated at 125 psi. minimum and enclosed in a concrete box or 6"-diameter PVC riser with lid for ease of access. The shut-off valve allows the owner to shut off the water service lateral during emergencies or for customer repairs to the onsite plumbing without utilizing the meter shut off.

3.11.130  Pressure Devices.
Where it is desired to reduce or increase the pressure under which water is supplied by the District, the consumer shall be responsible for installing and maintaining the necessary regulators, pumps, or relief valves. In such cases, the equipment shall be installed on the consumer's side of the meter and at his own risk and expense. Pressure reducers shall be required where the water pressure exceeds 75 psi (pounds per square inch) at the meter.

3.11.140  Ground Wire Attachments Liability.
The District is not responsible for providing an electrical ground through water service equipment. Accordingly, consumers are cautioned not to attach any ground wiring to plumbing which is or may be connected to District service equipment. The District may hold the consumer liable for any injury to its personnel resulting from a ground wire attachment.

3.11.150  Non-responsibility of District.
The District shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by a negligent or wrongful act or omission of a consumer or any of his tenants, agents, employees, contractors, licensees, or permittees in installing, maintaining, using, operating or interfering with any water receiving equipment. The District shall not be responsible for damage caused by faucets, valves, and other equipment which may be open at any time that water is turned on at the meter.

3.11.200  USE OF WATER

3.11.210  Responsibility of Control.
The risk of loss, and full responsibility for the carriage, handling, storage, disposal and use of water delivered by the District shall pass from the District to the consumer at the outlet of the District's meters.

3.11.220  Place of Use.
The consumer shall not use, or permit the use of any water furnished him by the District on any premises other than those specified in his application for service.

3.11.230  Resale of Water Prohibited.
No water received from the District may be resold without the specific approval and authorization of the District.

3.11.240  Change of Use.
No substantial change in the character of water use through an existing connection shall be made except by the filing and processing of a new service application, The District shall determine what constitutes a substantial change in the character of water use which shall include, but is not limited to, change from single-family dwelling service to multiple dwelling service or from residential use to commercial or industrial use.