Stinson Beach
County Water District



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3.21.020  General
3.21.030  Drawing Water From Fire Hydrants
3.21.100  Private Fire Protection Systems
3.21.110  Installation
3.21.111  Payment of Costs
3.21.112  No Connection to Other System
3.21.113  Use
3.21.114  Charges for Water Used
3.21.115  Rates
3.21.116  Violation of Agreement
3.21.117  Valve
3.21.118  Meter
3.21.119  Additional Service
3.21.120  Detector Check Assembly
3.21.130  Applicant Responsibility


3.21.020  General:
The District recognizes the limited personnel and facilities available to the Stinson Beach Fire Protection District in physically testing, operating and maintaining the fire hydrants. The District will cooperate in every manner possible to assist the Fire District in any testing and maintenance program it undertakes. For example, should the District conduct a flushing program, the Fire District will be invited to have an inspector present to observe the operation of the hydrants as they are flushed. The inspector could then note, report and follow through on any malfunction or flow problem. The Fire District will have the responsibility of noting and reporting any hydrant malfunction; the District will repair hydrants based on said reports.

3.21.030  Drawing Water from Fire Hydrants:
No person shall open or draw water from any fire hydrant connected to the District's distribution system without prior authorization of the District, other than employees of the Fire District in the course of their duties.

3.21.100  Private Fire Protection System:
The following pertains to the use of District facilities for private fire protection systems.

3.21.110  Installation.
The installation of facilities to provide water supply to privately owned and maintained fire protection systems, sprinklers, hydrants, stand pipes or other facilities shall be exclusively for fire fighting.

3.21.111  Payment of Costs.
The applicant for private fire protection system shall pay the total actual cost of installation of the service line from the distribution main to the service location including the cost of the detector check assembly, meter or other equivalent suitable device, valve and meter vault. Said installation from the water main to and including the meter, shall be the property of the District.

3.21.112  No Connection to Other System:
There shall be no connection between the fire protection system and any other water distribution system on the premises.

3.21.113  Use.
There shall be no water used through the fire protection system except to extinguish fires and for testing the fire fighting equipment, such as sprinklers.

3.21.114  Charges for Water Used.
Any usage recorded on the meter will be charged as provided in District Resolution except that no charge will be made for water used to extinguish fires where such fires have been reported to the Fire Protection District.

3.21.115  Charges for Service:
The annual, bi-monthly or other periodic charges for private fire protection water system service shall be established from time to time by resolution of the Board of Directors.

3.21.116  Violation of Regulations:
If water is used from a private fire protection system in violation of these regulations, the District may impose a charge.

3.21.117  Valve.
When a fire protection system connection is installed and tested, the owner shall notify the District for final inspection. The valve governing same will remain closed until the inspection is completed and approved by District.

3.21.118  Meter.
If the District does not require a meter, and if water is used through a fire protection system for any other purpose than extinguishing of fire, the District shall have the right to place a meter on the fire service connection at the owner's expense.

3.21.119  Additional Service.
The District may utilize a domestic, commercial or industrial service connection at the curb to supply water to a private fire protection system serving the same premises. The Board shall determine the portion of installation costs chargeable to each service connection, if such segregation of costs becomes necessary.

3.21.120  Detector Check Assembly.
Each fire protection system shall be installed with a detector check assembly as approved by the District and the Department of Health Services. The assembly shall be tested annually operated and maintained as part of the District's system.

3.21.130  Applicant Responsible for Operation and Maintenance.
The applicant for a private fire protection service shall be responsible for operation and maintenance of facilities beyond the detector check/meter assembly.