Stinson Beach
County Water District



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5.10.110  Uncovered Garbage
5.10.120  Windblown Garbage
5.10.130  Deposits in Streets
5.10.140  Disposal
5.10.150  Use of Public Refuse Receptacles
5.10.160  Accumulation of Refuse

5.10.110  Uncovered Garbage:
It shall be unlawful to place or permit to remain within the District, any garbage or any other material subject to decay other than garden waste, except that such material be placed in a suitable covered container.

5.10.120  Windblown Garbage:
It shall be unlawful to cause or permit to accumulate any dust, ashes, or refuse that can be blown away by the wind, except in a suitable covered container.

5.10.130  Deposits in Streets:
It shall be unlawful to deposit, or permit to fall, from any vehicle, or otherwise, any refuse or ashes on any public street or alley. Nothing contained in this Section shall be construed to prohibit placing refuse or ashes n a suitable container preparatory to having such material collected for disposal in the manner provided herein.

5.10.140  Disposal:
It shall be unlawful to dispose of any refuse, or ashes anywhere within the District except leaves and grass by composting, except in an incinerator, or disposal device, properly constructed an operated in accordance with law, or in a lawfully established dump. Any material not disposed of as aforesaid shall be placed in containers for collection except as provided in Sections 5.10.110 and 5.10.120

5.10.150  Use of Public Refuse Receptacles:
It shall be unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed in any refuse receptacle owned by the Stinson Beach County Water District or the County of Marin and located upon any public street, public beach or public place within the District any refuse originating within or upon any private property. Provided, however, that pedestrians or other persons using the said street or public place shall be permitted to deposit in said receptacle refuse not accumulated on private property.

5.10.160  Accumulation of refuse:
No person, owner, agent, or occupant of any premises, whether vacant or improved, shall allow any accumulation of garbage to remain theron for longer than 16 days, or any accumulation of rubbish for more than 30 days, nor for any period of time if the same is found by the County Health Officer or the Governing Board of this District to constitute a nuisance.

It shall be unlawful for any owner of property to allow refuse to be accumulated theron in violation of the preceding paragraph, and upon 72 hours written notice to the owner of the premises where such refuse is accumulated by a representative of this District or the Health Officer of the County of Marin, entry may be made on the premises and such accumulated refuse may be removed by the District or its designee, and the cost of such removal is established by the Board of Directors, shall be paid by the owner of the premises.